We are FPV addicts

KitCopter® brand is specialized in carbon fiber drone manufacturing. Since last year the design and development is focused on the insanes FPV racing drones. We present you three designs ready to rock in the air: Mito 135, Urraca 210 and Tetri-X 230.


Mito 135

This tiny drone has been created for flying extremly fast using motors with 3 inch propellers and 4S battery. You won’t never break it as much and hard you crash with it. It only weights 42 grams with alluminium stand offs and screws. The flight controller holes are located at 20×20 mm so it is perfect for mount it with the new tiny components which are adopting a new standard of 20x20mm, like the FuriousFPV Piko BLX Flight controller.

Urraca 210

The Urraca is getting more famous with the time, it has been reviewed by big experts of this FPV world. And we know the reasons of this success: extremly light, small, strong, and enough space for do not go crazy fitting in your components. We have designed a 3D printed case for the GoPro Session compatible with this frame and others, for you to be able to record your best flights with this frame.

Tetri-x 230

Have fun doing acrobatics with the Tetri-x frame. 4 carbon fiber arms firmly joined for easy replacement in case you break one. With a perfect X design you will feel great doing flips in the air. The frame has been designed with a direct mount at 35┬║ for the GoPro Session. Give him a try!